2016 Highlights

The 3rd Annual China Energy Storage Innovation & Technology Summit(CESS2016) will bring together key industry stakeholders to address the innovations and current challenges of the energy storage market. As one of the Energy Storage series events, CESS2016 dedicated to be the most important gathering of energy storage leaders all over the world. This event will give insights on business cases, regulatory environment, financial aspects and technological advancements for the energy storage industry with more than 50 distinguished speakers and nearly 800 high-level attendees. There will be superexcellent networking opportunities, case studying, debate challenges, and hot topic discussions among the decision makers of  energy storage industry.

  • Race to Control the Energy Storage Commanding Point
    Race to Control the Energy Storage Commanding Point

    Financing the Future of Energy Storage. How should batter enterprises make proper layout for energy storage? What’s the best Strategy? In the context of energy technology revolution, how can energy st...

  • Innovations of Energy Storage Technology
    Innovations of Energy Storage Technology

    The important role of innovations in boosting the development of energy storage technologyWhat are the challenges of energy storage market? What lessons do we learn from the experience of Europe, the ...

  • The Commercialization of Energy Storage
    The Commercialization of Energy Storage

    Energy storage technology for electric vehicles. Experience in the Commercialization Modes for New Energy. Why energy storage and micro-grid are considered as the accelerator to energy transformation?



  • CESS2015

    CESS2015 is the global meeting place for energy storage professionals, with 35+ expert speakers, 300+ professional attendees, addressed the topics across Energy Storage and Global Market Update, Energy Storage Technology Innovation Batterie...

  • Upcoming CESS2016

    With the theme of “Race to Control the Energy Storage Commanding Point“,the first-ever conference is a unique opportunity to engage in an in-depth look at the drivers for storage and be a part of shaping the future of the industry. This two...

  • CESS2016 Highlights

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